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July 26, 2023

Alpacas bring delight to residents – on every floor!

Residents at St Peter’s Care have been surprised by some fluffy guests – a couple of adorable alpacas named Hugo and Finn.

The four-legged friends brought smiles to the faces of both residents and staff, when they arrived just in time for morning tea. The pair toured the lounge at St. Peter’s, a beautiful Grade II listed home-from-home on St George’s Terrace in Herne Bay.

The residents were quick to bond with the charming creatures, petting and stroking their soft fur. The young alpacas, known for their friendly and docile nature, responded with affection and warmth, letting the residents get up close.

Staff at the 43-bed home made sure all of the residents were able to meet the boys, taking them up in the lift so everyone got a chance to say hello and spend some time with them.

Resident, Delores, was thrilled to be able to feed the animals carrots. “I was enjoying my cup of tea when the alpacas walked in. It made my day!” she said.

At 98, Norma has had a lifetime of experiences, but had never met an alpaca.

“I’ve seen some things in my time, but an alpaca in the lift takes the biscuit.”

Nicola Masters, Manager of St Peter’s Care Home in Herne Bay, got to feed Hugo and Finn too, sharing in the experience that was discussed for days afterwards. She said:

“The residents felt a real sense of connection with the animals and they lit up when they saw them! We’re always looking for new and meaningful activities for our residents to enjoy and the alpacas brought such energy and fun into the home.”

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