Covid Updates

Covid Visiting Policy

  • All visitors should arrive at the front door to alert staff they are here.
  • During the week in the mornings Mandy the receptionist will take responsibility for LFT.
  • During the afternoon, a nominated person will be allocated at the beginning of the shift by the senior, and this will be recorded in the communication book.
  • The visitor will be taken by the nominated person, to the testing pod to have their LFT. The waiting time for the result is 20 minutes. The visitor will then be collected by the person who completed the LFT and taken to the visiting area.
  • Visiting areas are the garden and the lounge behind the dining area.
  • Visitors are advised to maintain social distance as much as possible. For the garden, visitors maintaining social distance and seated may remove their mask.
  • ALL visitors entering the home to visit must wear masks, aprons, and gloves. (If not intending to hug/touch/hold hands and social distance kept then only masks will be required).
  • All visitors should use the hand sanitisers.
  • Visitors and residents may wish to hold hands but should bear in mind, physical contact increases risk.
  • Only 2 people can visit a resident at any one time, this includes a child as 1 visitor. For Clarity 1 adult plus 1 child or 2 adults.
  • Children are welcome and do not need to do a LFT, however, children who visit must remain with the family. They are not permitted to run around in other areas of the house or garden. There is a limit of 1 child per visit at any time.
  • Once the visit has finished, visitors are asked to leave by the rear gate. If the visit is inside, the member of staff who performed the LFT will escort the visitor from the premises via the back door of the ground floor visiting area.
  • Staff must not allow anyone who has not been to the front door to enter via the rear gate.