Dementia Care

Looking For Private Dementia Care For Your Loved One In The Herne Bay?

Give Them The Gift Of Safe, Understanding And Endlessly Patient Care At St Peter's

Choosing a care home for your loved one, especially when they have dementia, can be a tricky business. The best way to assess if a home is right for your loved one is to visit and get a feel for the atmosphere, see how well the residents are treated, and what the staff are like with them.

We'd love you to come and visit St Peter's to see how we measure up. You're very welcome to call in anytime. In the meantime we've listed below answers to some of the questions you may have. If there's anything we've missed please feel free to call us on 01227 744000.

Will You Be Able To Cope With My Loved One's Dementia?

St Peter's is not a specialist dementia unit for people who are exhibiting disruptive and aggressive behaviour. If this describes your loved one we recommend you seek specialist help.

For most people who are living with dementia this is not the case and St Peter's will be a great choice. It is primarily a residential care home that has the expertise in dealing with dementia for those residents who develop it as they get older, or those who simply can no longer cope effectively at home.

If you are unsure of whether St Peter's is the right care home to accommodate your loved one's needs please feel free to call the Home Manger on 01227 744000 for a confidential chat.

How Do I Know They Will Be Well Looked After?

We feel the best people to tell you the sort of care your loved one will receive at St Peter's are those who have experienced it. So, here's what two of our many grateful families have to say about their loved one's stay here.

My father is a resident in this wonderful home and all his days are happy and fulfilled. He is 97 years old. The dignity and attention to his individual needs and wishes (and that of the family) are always paramount in the care shown. He is kept well by excellent health/infection management. He is kept happy by love, activities and excellent food. It is truly his home in all senses.


Son of Resident

What Will Their Room Be Like?

It's really important that someone who is living with dementia has familiar surroundings so they feel calm and relaxed.

We'd love you to bring their own ornaments, treasured mementos and small furniture items to make their room their own. We'll even re-decorate it in line with their home decor to truly make it feel like home if you'd like.

All rooms have lovely light and airy feel which contributes to a feeling of calm as does the views across the bay that is a feature of many of them.

Who Will Be Looking After Them?

We believe the staff best team in the region!

Conveying the depth of care and expertise provided at a care home is difficult. After all, everyone says they have brilliant care. We truly believe you'll find the care your loved one experiences at St Per's is the very best available. Here are a few things we hope will demonstrate that.

  • Unlike many care homes in the area our staff turnover is very low. This is particularly important if your loved one has dementia. Changes to routine and personnel can make them anxious and confused. Seeing a familiar and trusted face is reassuring and will ensure that your loved one will be comfortable and relaxed, even when dealing with the more sensitive aspects of personal care.
  • Our staff to resident ratio is much higher than the legal requirement and most other care homes. This means your loved one will get all the personal attention they want and need. In addition our team is strong and stable with the majority of staff members being at St Peter's for many years. This means they can really get to know your loved one and fully understand their needs.
  • Please take time to read the comments on the website from the people who really know - the friends and relatives or our residents. They are regularly in the home and see at first hand how their loved ones are treated. You'll find several comments on this page and many more on our testimonials page and our reviews page on
  • Families are frequently amazed by the positive transformation in their loved one when they come to St Peter's, both physically and mentally.

    If fact, the most common comment we get when someone has moved in and experienced at first hand the great life they now enjoy here is 'I wish I'd done it much sooner!'

    But don't just take our word for it. We have an open door policy and you're more than welcome to chat with existing residents and their families for a first hand account of the exceptionally high quality care your loved one will experience at St Peter's. 

What To Do Now

For more information about St Peters please feel free to download our brochure or visit the Your Life At St. Peter's page of this website. For a confidential chat about your requirements please call 01227 538559 or email us.

However, the best way to see if St Peter’s can provide you with the lifestyle and care you’d like is to come and visit. We’d love to meet you and to show you all round the home. Your welcome any time and the kettle’s always on.

We look forward to meeting you.

P.S Places are St Peter’s are always in demand and we’d hate you to have a wasted journey. So, to avoid disappointment we recommend calling before setting out to check availability of rooms.