June 1, 2023

What is person-centred care?

Care homes often refer to ‘person-centred care’ in their brochures and on their websites, but what exactly does the term mean, and why is it so important?

Person-centred care describes a holistic approach to care based around each person’s unique needs and preferences. 

The approach puts the person being cared for at the heart of the decision-making process so they are able to choose how they want their care to be delivered. The emphasis is firmly on doing things with them, rather than ‘to’ them, and the aim is always to help them achieve the best possible overall quality of life.

Health and Well-being for nursing home residents

Our person-centred approach to care here at St. Peters Care Home recognises that a person’s mental well-being is as important as their physical health. Focus is placed on a person’s strengths (what they can do) and their needs (what they need help doing) so that a care plan can be devised in consultation with them that will ensure they remain safe and comfortable whilst providing the best quality of life.

Why is person-centred care effective?

Person-centred care puts the emphasis on achieving mental well-being as well as physical health.

It puts the person at the centre of their care, prioritising their preferences, expressed needs and overall happiness. It strongly encourages the involvement of family and friends – who know the person best – in providing essential emotional support and not just physical care. 

Collaboration between the often many different agencies involved in a person’s care is encouraged. A joint approach makes sure that health care is coordinated and effective, and that all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing are attended to. This could mean staff working alongside family members, the local GP practice, the hospital discharge team, and other specialist medical services..

Can person-centred care help those living with dementia?

Person-centred care is particularly important for anyone living with dementia. The approach focuses attention on the individual and their interests and likes rather than simply their illness, and the resulting symptoms or behaviour.

It enables people living with dementia to continue doing the things they enjoy, by providing them with suitable help and support as needed. This encourages a sense of purpose, routine and contentment that can provide an effective way of managing the psychological and behavioural symptoms of the disease.

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